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Construction Project Communications

Unlock the power of effective communication in modern construction projects with this course.

Today’s large engineering and construction projects are incredibly complex, raising the requirements for effective communication across stakeholder groups. Construction Project Communications is a course specifically designed to help you unlock the power of effective communication in a construction environment.

The way the Project Manager communicates with their team, partners, and other stakeholders plays a significant role in determining the outcomes of a Built Environment project. This course covers the reasons why communicating effectively is vital to project success. It also explains how to foster effective communication by establishing robust governance and adopting the key communication tools currently available in the Built Environment Industry.

  • Recognize the importance of effective communication.
  • Recognize the damaging effects of poor communication.
  • Describe techniques for effective communication.
  • Describe how to develop an effective communication strategy and plan.
  • Describe how feedback loops can be used to highlight gaps and resolve communication issues.
  • Describe how to identify and assess stakeholders and establish an effective communication strategy.
  • Describe how to apply approaches to overcome resistance and secure support through improved stakeholder management.
  • Recognize the value of nuanced communication between multiple parties and be able to engage at a deeper level.
  • Recognize the role culture plays in how we think and behave.
  • Recognize the implications of poor listening on build environment projects.
  • Learn how to build self-awareness to improve active listening.
  • Describe the concept of project governance.
  • Articulate the benefits and principles of effective project governance.
  • Recognize and describe project governance best practices.
  • Describe how to establish an effective project governance structure.
  • Describe the importance of lean philosophy and how it impacts Obeya implementation.
  • Describe how to apply the continuous improvement mindset.
  • Describe the principal mechanics of the big room.
  • Describe how to use Obeya to enhance program activities.
  • Use CbM™ to improve communication and improve performance.
  • Use key concepts and frameworks of CbM™ to enable you to structure conversations that drive more effective outcomes.
  • Use CbM™ to improve coordination and achieve better outcomes within your team, project, and in other partner organizations.
  • Describe how PMIS can bring improved project insights and better decision-making to your project.
  • Describe how PMIS supports effective communication, along with its key benefits and principles.
  • Leverage the Compass tool to highlight communication deficiencies.
  • Assess data to infer meaningful insights.
  • Develop an action plan to resolve communication gaps.
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