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It is overwhelmingly apparent that many experienced project team members frequently encounter major execution challenges caused by inadequate planning in both the early stages as well as throughout the life cycle of projects. This Execution Planning course directly addresses the resounding opportunity for improvement in project planning across industry sectors. The course covers three complementary project planning and execution approaches that incorporate improved collaboration, communication, alignment, and team culture. These include:

  • Advanced Work Packaging (AWP)
  • Last Planner System (LPS)
  • Planning for Completions, Commissioning and Startup

These approaches better position project teams to plan and execute confidently and efficiently, to achieve their project objectives, and to enjoy a more rewarding project experience along the way.

Learning Objectives:

The skills or knowledge that will be acquired by a participant in the course.

  • Discover the background aspects of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and why it is important to your work
  • Identify the key components of AWP and the relationships between them
  • Recognize and use AWP vocabulary
  • Identify the flow of AWP components across the project lifecycle
  • Recognize the different stages, process steps, activities, and deliverables of the AWP implementation model
  • Appraise project team organizational recommendations for AWP implementation
  • Recognize AWP practices that support comprehension and implementation
  • Apply available tools for AWP implementation
  • Recognize the reported benefits that have accompanied AWP implementation
  • Identify the difficulties and challenges of adopting AWP
  • Examine case studies about AWP implementation benefits and project outcomes
  • Identify the six tenets of Lean
  • Review the rationale for the development of the Last Planner System®
  • Define a Lean Project Delivery System
  • Recognize the key Lean principles of LPS® and how they impact planning
  • Interpret how collaborative alignment leads to predictable workflows and the ability to adjust
  • Describe the 5 Connected Conversations of LPS® and the inputs and outputs for each level
  • Discuss how constraint management improves plan outcomes
  • Recognize the importance of continuous improvement while working with LPS to the outcomes
  • Recognize why planning for Commissioning and Startup (CSU) is important
  • Discover the benefits gained from adopting this best practice
  • Detect different planning implementation activities and supporting tools
  • Identify CSU Critical SuccessFactors (CSF)
  • Apply the CCSU activity model
  • Recognize commonly problematic hot spots
  • ** The above experience requirements for the PMI certification application are not applicable if you want to self-study via e-learning or live online for knowledge improvement, CPD, PDU achievement, or professional development.
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