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“In the 21st Century there will be only 2 types of business, those that are on the internet and those that no longer exist…” Bill Gates.

Cyber Security is a branch of Information Security, as the use of internet by consumers grew, organizations started moving all their business processes into cyber space via Digital Transformation, today most of the services is available through internet – Digital Services, the vulnerability and security threat of both organizational and consumer’s data & systems have grown phenomenally…

ISO 27000 series of standards are all related to Information Security, as the world is rapidly moving towards digitalization Cyber Security has evolved to be an independent entity, ISO quickly came out with ISO 27032 standards as an independent certification in Cyber Security Standards to cater to the demands of cyber space.

ISO 27032 defines Cyber Security as “a complex environment resulting from the interaction of people, software and services on the internet by means of technology devices and networks connected to it, which does not exist in any physical form.”

The rapid development of Technologies in digital world, high ratio of early users & adopters of Digital Technologies & Services, ever growing breed of innovative hackers have all led to speedy growth of cyber Security. Today Cyber Security is the must & most required activity in day-to –day operations to survive & succeed.  

The depth & Vastness of Cyber world, ever growing adoption of Digital Transformation and the threats for security of Digital world has led to high demand for Cyber Security Certified Professionals in the modern world; the numbers will keep growing at an alarming rate due to the complexity of Digital world.

Training and Achieving Certification in Cyber Security will help professionals to not only attract high rewarding but for a high speed growing career.

SMATICA has designed and developed In-demand, industry specified Cyber Security training programs to help your career soar.

SMATICA in partner with PECB offers versatile programs in Cyber Security:

ISO/IEC 27032

Cloud Security.

Ethical Hacking.

Cyber Security Maturity Model.

Get Started with SMATICA’s PECB Certified Training Program:

Why should You choose Cyber Security Certification Programs?



Apart from consistent growth in career & salary…

  • Protect the organization’s data and privacy from cyber threats
  • Strengthen your skills in the establishment and maintenance of a Cybersecurity program
  • Develop best practices to managing cybersecurity policies
  • Improve the security system of organization and its business continuity
  • Build confidence to stakeholders for your security measures. 
  • Respond and recover faster in the event of an incident
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